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Our quality charter


  • Just like us, our clients work in the service sector.
  • In this context, it is inconceivable not to take into consideration the human dimension of our mission.
  • That is why we want to be fully treated as true partners and not just common providers.
  • Work closely and side by side with our clients is the foundation of our mission.


  • Our phones do ring a lot, our mailboxes get hectic, but we want it to be that way!
  • Answering emergencies, providing support, being there if something goes wrong, feeling happy when good results make their way: this is how we contemplate working together with you.


  • And this is how we spend our own holidays in a hotel and cannot help audit it unconsciously, making us want to help them!
  • The world of tourism, travel and hotels is quite inspiring. That of tables and data, probably not so much and yet, it is the mix of both that can reveal true vocations

Honoring engagements

  • We are true experts in Revenue Management.
  • Our contracts are crystal-clear and defined exhaustively. We offer very tangible things, services, and we have contractual obligations regarding the means.
  • We too are fed up with the abuse of the "consultant" job definition.
  • We are honest (we help you only with our know-how), we are upright (we admit that we still learn new things every day) and we are pedagogues (handing down knowledge is also part of our mission).

Respecting our colleagues & well-being in the workplace

  • We still do not have an in-house Happiness Manager, but beyond respecting rules and the Labor Code, we try and make our professional environment the most enjoyable possible.
  • Fruit baskets at disposal, resting room with plenty of board games (Time's Up being our favorite!), meal tickets to spend quality time with colleagues at lunchtime or the monthly delivery of organic products are just a few examples of what is being done to ensure the well-being of our team.

Sustainable development

  • We do our best, even if it is not always easy.
  • Zero paper: we make sure not to buy more than two reams of paper a year!
  • Rigorous waste sorting.
  • Subscription to an organic (and sustainable) product delivery ( La Fourche, ) at the disposal of the team.
  • Subscription to a company restaurant to organize a joint delivery of our meals (by bike or electric scooter).