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There are no coincidences, only people meant to meet.

Paul Eluard

Alice Zakine


Daughter of hoteliers, my first forging experiences were as a Business Analyst for the Disneyland Resort Paris hotel complex, then as a Market Manager at Expedia.

After 7 years working for multinationals, I naturally began yearning to work in, and for, human-scaled companies. Listening to hoteliers and understanding their issues in relation to the sector mutation were the anchor for the definition of our services.

Since 2008, our collaborators, clients, partners have steadily brought progress to our structure, allowing us to fine-tune our services time and again and ensuring these fulfill the needs of every single hotelier who comes to us.

Frédéric Hamet

Deputy Director-General

I began my career in Paris where, in five years, I rose through the operational ranks of the luxury hospitality industry.
Building on this solid experience, I was entrusted with various strategical executive functions on the Côte d'Azur (French Riviera) and in the Caribbean, leading numerous projects from within: hotel openings, renovations, business repositioning, and so on.

My expertise in Revenue Management and hotel distribution together with my knowledge of the ground self-evidently lead me to join the Xperteo firm in 2012.
As Deputy General Manager, my mission consists in coordinating the various administrative, commercial and operational departments. As close to our partner hotels as I am to my team, I am here to ensure the development of our competences as well as of the quality and evolution of our services.
Last, but not least, I am also in charge of coordinating the marketing and commercial development of the firm.

Magali Sebastia

Operations Executive

After several internships in hospitality in Madrid and Paris, I immediately oriented my education towards a specialization in Revenue Management.

This field was no exception among the other hospitality metiers: I first needed to acquire experience working at the operational level in relation to Revenue Management.
This is how I joined the booking department of a Parisian five-star hotel in 2011.

I would soon evolve from the supervision of the booking team to a strategical function in the hotel structure. After more than three years in these positions of responsibility, a wonderful opportunity was offered to me in the Xperteo consultant team. Yearning to engage actively in the structure development and to act as a driving element in this rapidly expanding consultancy firm, I had the chance to evolve towards managing positions.

As Operations Executive, I am in charge of the daily organization of the consultant and coordinator team as well as of their steady skill improvement. I also bring a direct support to the key account management and ensure the good implementation of the new partnerships.

Saskia Jacques

Head of Canada

My first experience in hospitality was in Frankfurt, Germany, first at Pegasus, then WorldHotels. I then joined Expedia as an account manager based in Paris in charge of German-speaking countries, then in Canada, in charge of the development of the Province of Quebec and the Maritimes for more than seven years. Drawn to the permanent evolution of commercialization schemes, I pursued my career in companies specialized in digital marketing, like Travelzoo and Leonardo.

In 2018, I joined Xperteo in order to developed the Quebecer market – leading to the opening of our Canadian subsidiary: Xperteo Canada. My role as the Head of Canada consists in ensuring the commercial development as well as the daily operational management of our clients.

The Team

A team expert in Revenue Management

Xperteo - Alexandre Jack Xperteo - Alexandre Jack

Alexandre Jack

Yield & e-Distribution Consultant

Alexandre is an expert in revenue optimization and launching of hotels (he is also a big fan of sports and travel).

Xperteo - Sebastian Otalora Xperteo - Sebastian Otalora

Sebastian Otalora

Consultant Revenue Management & e-Distribution


Xperteo -Clara Montariol Xperteo -Clara Montariol

Clara Montariol

Yield & e-Distribution Junior Consultant

Clara is a technology expert (and loves watching French Ligue 1 matches on Saturday night).

Xperteo - Léo Bardy Xperteo - Léo Bardy

Léo Bardy

Coordinateur Revenue Management & e-Distribution


Xperteo - Alison ABDOUL Xperteo - Alison ABDOUL

Alison Abdoul

Coordinatrice Revenue Management & e-Distribution


Xperteo - Benjamin Genevois Xperteo - Benjamin Genevois

Benjamin Genevois

Yield & e-Distribution Consultant

Benjamin is an expert in technology parametrization (and loves cooking on Sundays).

Xperteo - Borhen Rezgui Xperteo - Borhen Rezgui

Borhen Rezgui

Yield & e-Distribution Coordinator

Borhen has a pronounced taste for numbers (he is also a professional salsa dancer).

Xperteo - Julien Aristizabal Xperteo - Julien Aristizabal

Julien Aristizabal

Apprenti Coordinateur Revenue Management & e-Distribution

Xperteo - Emmanuelle JEHAN Xperteo - Emmanuelle JEHAN

Emmanuelle Jehan

Consultante Senior Revenue Management & e-Distribution


Xperteo - Victor VERLEYE Xperteo - Victor VERLEYE

Victor Verleye

Coordinateur Revenue Management & e-Distribution


Xperteo - Bréwalenn BAZIN Xperteo - Bréwalenn BAZIN

Bréwalenn BAZIN

Coordinatrice Revenue Management & e-Distribution


Xperteo - Daniele D'Agostino Xperteo - Daniele D'Agostino

Daniele D'Agostino

Consultant Revenue Management & e-Distribution


Xperteo - Célyne DEGAS Xperteo - Célyne DEGAS

Célyne DEGAS

Coordinatrice Revenue Management & e-Distribution


Xperteo - Teams

We often think of a company as a mix of ideas (good ideas, possibly), of coincidences, opportunities, but isn't it, first and foremost, a place where the right people are meant to meet?

Xperteo - Teams

Technologies, stakeholders, economic and social contexts vary all the time, and this is where our strength lies in our ability to adapt to all of these mutations.

Xperteo - About Us

Independence and impartiality are at the foundation of our philosophy, and the preservation of our partner hotels' interests is, and will always be, our sole motivation.

Xperteo - Teams

Working with Xperteo is mainly about meeting consultants who listen and offer support solutions tailored to the needs of your establishment.

Xperteo - About Us

Xperteo is not a technology, it is a company made by women and men.

They make use of all the resources available in the market to help hotels find the ones that suit them best and get the most profit out of them.

Xperteo - About Us

It has been 12 years now that Xperteo has been growing thanks to and for its employees and clients, with the common will to engage in lasting and enriching partnerships.

Xperteo - About Us

Over the years, Xperteo has remained focused on its core business, that is:
Consultancy in Revenue Management and hotel commercialization.

Adapting methods and services to the developments of the sector.

Xperteo - About Us

We are happy to be ranked among the best consulting companies in the field.

We are proud to establish our legitimacy by means of our growth in France, but also by creating subsidiaries like the one recently opened in Montréal, Canada.

So, if you please, Monsieur Éluard, with all due respect, there still might be some coincidences, but you are right, it is mostly about people who were meant to meet, and we look forward to planning the next appointments!